Seattle Pacific University Faith At Work Prize 2013

1st prize: Kayla Nowrocki and Peyton Lindsley, “Surfing the Nations”

My name is Peyton Lindsley and my partner on the project was Kayla Nawrocki.  Our project’s name is called “Surfing the Nations”.  Basically we made a video that explained how the organization “Surfing the Nations” was founded.  It was founded by a Christian named Tom Bauer.  We wanted to do this project on this organization because we believe it has grown so fast and is so successful because God’s hand is on it.  Surfing the Nations isn’t a Christian organization, they only do humanitarian work.  They spread the gospel by their actions rather than preaching it.  Both Kayla and I learned a lot doing this project.  The one thing that really stuck with me is the fact that just showing Jesus’s love is enough to bring people to Christ. Also, in the business world, good morals are hard to find.  It was comforting knowing that there are businesses out their doing well without making selfish decisions.



2nd Prize: Daniel Baldridge, “Krochet Kids”

When given this project I was intrigued by the unique opportunity, to make a video on a company publicly recognized for their Christian leadership. Honestly if I were given the choice on whether or not to make a video or just a PowerPoint presentation I would have chosen the PowerPoint, leaving so much potential on the table. I had never worked on a project individually that I was this proud of. Through the long process of creating my video I was challenged to look deeper into the company itself. Krochet Kids is a phenomenal company that gives business opportunities to persons living in third world countries. The company was also founded right here in Seattle, by some university students several years ago. I could not think of a better company to choose. Below I posted a link to the video which will explain more of who Krochet Kids is, and what the stand for. Currently I am undecided on what I will do with the funding from the award. I would like to use a very small portion of the award to buy a Krochet Kids beanie, to show my support for the cause. With the rest I will either put it towards tuition, or give it back to my parents for all that they have given me. My parents have been unbelievably supportive mentally, spiritually, and financially through my college endeavor. When financially possible I would like to give back to them to show my appreciation.


Thanks and Enjoy


3rd Prize: Luke Hamlin and Will Parker, “Xpedx Paper Company”

Our project was an interview with the vice president of Xpedx, a paper company that does business on the west coast. The vice president talked to us about how he conducts his faith in the workplace and how it aids his decisions in when it comes to budgets, letting people go, hiring and management decisions. This award was interesting because it required students (Will and I) to go out and find Christianity in the workplaces. It was evident that God is working everywhere and that he is using anyone who listens for his disciples. What I have learned from this project is that God works in the strangest of places and no matter what rank of the person in the company, God works in them. Thank you. Your generosity and support is a blessing.


Here is the Link of our video


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